The catchphrase #lovingthelearning entered my vocabulary at some point in the year 2013 after being inspired to join Twitter. I think it was first used in my then GCSE class and I suppose it has come to sum up my approach to teaching. Teaching is about inspiring our students and making them to want to ‘love learning’.

When I was at school I really did ‘love the learning’. One of my favourite memories of school was the weekly creative writing task that we did with our teacher in 3rd year juniors (now Year 5). I still have the book and it’s one of my treasured possessions. Our teacher was called Mr. Gee and although he was somewhat strict he was an excellent teacher and inspired me to ‘love the learning’. I think we can all remember those inspirational teachers.  Harold Gee was one. This is one such piece of writing that Mr Gee…

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